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Outlook Security Guarantee

We offer a full 12 month workmanship guarantee with all our installations. Have peace of mind that your security doors and windows will be professionally installed.

Prowler Proof - 7mm Diamond Security

Prowler Proof 7mm Diamond security products carry a full 10 year replacement warranty.

Prowler Proof Warranty Prowler Proof Warranty (766 KB)

Prowler Proof Warranty Card Prowler Proof Warranty Card (158 KB)

Prowler Proof Care Maintenance Guide Prowler Proof Care Maintenance Guide (164 KB)

Beating Burglars -

Prowler Proof products meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards…as well as some even tougher international standards. These tests include simulated burglar attacks with a knife, a screwdriver, cutting pliers…kicking and pulling.

Cyclones -

Imagine being hit by 5 steel bullets less than a centimetre in diameter at 170km/h plus. Or a 4kg timber block at more than 100km/h. That is what is required by the Australian Standards Cyclone Test and Prowler Proof passed with flying colours.

Salt Water, Fire and Sun -

All Prowler Proof products have survived a 1000-hour Salt Spray Test with no signs of corrosion.