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How Much Do Security Screens Cost?

How much do security screens cost

Security Screen Door Prices

Selecting the best security screens to safeguard your home and loved ones is a worthwhile investment, so conducting thorough research is paramount. The cost of security screens can vary based on factors such as the product itself, the size of the screen, the application, and your specific requirements.

Adherence to Australian Safety Standards and the sturdiness of a security screen or door should be more important than its cost. To provide an idea of pricing for a standard-size hinged door (2100 x 820mm), here is an estimate for various types of security doors:

Door TypeBarrier door
Welded 7mm
Diamond Security
Protec Perforated
Mesh Security Door
Forcefield Marine
Grade Stainless
Steel Mesh Security Door
Not available through
Prowler Proof
Please note: All ProwlerProof Hinged Security Doors are fitted with triple locks and three hinges

Security Screen Size

The size of the security screen plays a significant role in determining the cost. Depending on size and style, security window screens may range from $200 to $900 or more.


While it is challenging to assign a monetary value to the protection of your home, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is secure is truly invaluable.

Further Information to Consider

Australian Standards

When considering security screens, it is essential to be aware of Australian Standards requirements. Not all screens are equal, and a screen must adhere to Australian Standards to be classified as a security screen. Look for compliance labels or enquire with suppliers to ensure products meet these standards.

Click here to view the Australian Standards guide for security screens

AS 5039 specifies the standard of screens and grilles. AS 5040 specifies the installation of security doors and windows. AS 5041 includes the tests that security doors and windows must pass.

The tests include:

  • dynamic impact test
  • a jimmy test
  • a pull test
  • a probe test
  • a shear test
  • a knife shear test

These tests are designed to evaluate a security screen against various break-in attempts. While breaking through a security door or window might be theoretically possible, the aim is to make it extremely difficult, deterring most intruders due to the time and effort required.

Prowler Proof Testing


  1. Review the warranty coverage
  2. Understand the registration process for warranty protection
  3. Determine if the warranty includes full replacement or repair only
  4. Consider downtime during repairs and the duration of repair processes
  5. Ensure compliance with cleaning guidelines to maintain the warranty
  6. Plan for warranty scenarios if the installing business ceases operations
Prowler Proof 10 year warranty

Click here to view Prolwer Proofs warranty brochure

Choosing the Right Installer

  1. Verify if the installer holds a QBCC Licence
  2. Check if they are a member of the National Security Screen Association
  3. Confirm the sale of compliant security products
  4. Ensure installation meets Australian Standards
  5. Enquire about installation warranties provided by the installer
NSSA Member Badge

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