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Prowler Proof vs Crimsafe: Comparing Security Screens Brands in 2024

Prowler Proof Vs Crimsafe

When it comes to securing homes and businesses, the choice of protective screens on
windows and doors plays a crucial role in deterrence against intrusions. In the Australian
market, two prominent brands stand out for their security screens: Prowler Proof and
Crimsafe. Each brand offers distinctive features and technologies that promise to enhance the
security of a property. Prowler Proof’s products are known for their chemical and mechanical
bond system and are made with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh, which is often
highlighted for its superior strength and corrosion resistance.

Overview of Prowler Proof

Prowler Proof is a reputable Australian manufacturer of security screen products, known for
its innovative approach to home security. Their solutions combine high-quality materials with
cutting-edge technology to enhance the security and aesthetics of homes and businesses.

Construction and Materials

Prowler Proof products are distinctive for their use of advanced manufacturing techniques.
Specifically, they incorporate a unique chemical and mechanical bond system to assemble
their screens and have welded, invisible corners. This not only provides exceptional strength
but also ensures durability over time. The brand employs 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Mesh in their ForceField range, which is acclaimed for its superior corrosion resistance
compared to the more common 304 Structural Grade Stainless Steel mesh.

Design Variations

Prowler Proof Security Options

ProwlerProof offers a broad spectrum of design options. Customers have the choice of 50
standard colours, and for those with more specific requirements, there are over 250 optional
colours. Their focus on aesthetics does not compromise the functionality, ensuring that the
protective features remain paramount. Prowler Proof is also a Qualicoat approved powder
coater, a testament to their high standards in finishing and colour durability. ProwlerProof’s
hinged window system allows installation to casement / push out windows, provides fire
escape options and gives access to the glass windows for cleaning.

Security Features

Prowler Proof’s security screens are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they meet and
exceed industry standards for impact, knife shear, and anti-jemmy performance. The dual

benefits of visibility and ventilation, paired with robust security, make these screens a popular
choice for those looking to enhance their property’s defense without sacrificing comfort or

Overview of Crimsafe

Manufacturing Techniques

Crimsafe utilises a patented Screw-Clamp™ system to secure its mesh to the frame, which is
designed to withstand significant impact. The technique involves the use of tamper-resistant
screws and metal clamps that work together to provide a vice-like grip that increases with
force, ensuring a resilient security barrier.

Product Range

The company offers a variety of security products, including doors, windows, and emergency
exits. Their lines cater to different security needs, from the basic Safe-S-Cape® system,
which provides easy exit during emergencies, without compromising on security, to the top-
of-the-range Crimsafe Ultimate, which amplifies protection through thicker mesh and
additional security features.

Comparative Assessment: Prowler Proof vs Other Brands

In assessing the key differentiators between Prowler Proof and other security products,
this section provides a comparative analysis focusing on safety and security features,
aesthetic and practical considerations, as well as the cost and value proposition

FeaturesProwler ProofOther Security Brands
Warranty✔️ Australia’s only full replacement warranty.
All are eligible for warranty
❌ Mitered corners held with rivets or screws. They are less strong & don’t last as long
Fully Welded Frame✔️ Welded corners increase strength & look better too!❌ Mitered corners held with rivets or screws. Less strong & don’t last as long
Bonding Mechanism✔️ Chemical & mechanical bond insulates stainless steel mesh from aluminium frame reducing risk of corrosion
and looks seamless
❌ Screws/wedge/clamp fixings may increase the risk of corrosion and look unattractive
Cleaning Required✔️ no rigorous cleaning schedules❌ Warranty may be voided if not cleaned often enough
CostInvest in a quality product and enjoy the long lasting safety and reliabilityA cheaper product will always end up being more expensive in the long run
Australian Standards✔️ All security screens & doors labeled compliant with Australian Standards❌ Not all manufacturers meet Australian Standards

Crimsafe Alternative

Prowler Proof stands out with its unique combination of strength and efficiency. Their welded design, the strongest in Australia, is achieved through a world-class, fully automated factory. This translates to superior security for your home at a competitive price.

Prowler Proof offers a hassle-free 10-year warranty on all their door and window screens. If your screen experiences any defects in materials or craftsmanship within 10 years of purchase, you’ll get a brand-new replacement screen at no cost.

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