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Welded or Riveted Security Screens: What’s the Difference?

Welded or riveted security screens


Welded security screens are crafted by welding the frame and mesh
together, creating a seamless and robust structure. This method of construction ensures that
there are no weak points or joints that could be exploited by potential intruders. The welding
process involves melting the metal components, usually aluminium or steel, and fusing them
together to form a solid and durable unit. Well-made welded screens also use an industrial
strength adhesive to add strength and provide a reliable bond.

Riveted/Screwed Security Screens: On the other hand, riveted or screwed security screens are
constructed by attaching the mesh to the frame using either rivets or screws. This method
involves creating holes in the frame and mesh and fastening them together with rivets or screws.
While this process is effective, it inherently introduces weak points along the frame, which may
be vulnerable to tampering and corrosion.


The welded construction of security screens provides unparalleled
. The absence of joints or fasteners makes it difficult for intruders to compromise the
integrity of the screen or for corrosion to take hold. Welded screens are known for their strength
and resistance to external forces, making them a formidable barrier against forced entry.

Riveted/Screwed Security Screens: While riveted or screwed security screens are still durable,
the presence of joints created by rivets or screws introduces potential weak points. These points
can be susceptible to wear and tear over time, especially in harsh weather conditions. Regular
maintenance and checks are essential to ensure continued security.

Overall Effectiveness

Welded security screens are widely regarded as highly effective in
providing enhanced security. The seamless construction and absence of weak points make them
a robust deterrent against forced entry. They are particularly suitable for high-security

Riveted/Screwed Security Screens: While riveted or screwed security screens offer adequate
protection, their effectiveness may be slightly compromised due to the presence of joints.
However, they still provide a formidable barrier and are suitable for various security applications.

Choosing between welded and riveted/screwed security screens ultimately depends on your
specific security needs, budget considerations, and aesthetic preferences. Welded screens excel
in terms of visual appeal, durability and overall strength, making them a top choice for home and business security applications. Investing in quality security screens is a crucial step towards
safeguarding your property and providing peace of mind.

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